Erectile Dysfunction – Aggravating Problem of the XXI Century

While the modern life is full of stress, diverse everyday problems and dozens of new illness, erectile dysfunction does not seem a real complication. In fact, the condition starts aggravating and bothering an increasing number of young and elderly men. Male potency problems activate further health disorders and increase certain risks.

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is an inability to achieve and hold an erection, sufficient for satisfactory sex. Probably, each man after 40 has experienced this type of difficulty. However, if the problem becomes persistent, you need to find its cause and look for a solution. Sometimes, if you find a reason of this dysfunction and treat the underlying issue, the sexual function will get balanced automatically. But the condition frequently requires extra effort, medical therapy and related things. The main signs of impotence include:

  • Inability to achieve erection;
  • Problems sustaining it;
  • Decreased libido and sexual desire;
  • Too soft or brief erections, that are insufficient for a successful intercourse.

Males with Higher Risk of Impotence Occurrence

Despite the fact that this condition strikes males of different age, there are several groups of people who are under higher risk of its appearance. Elderly people are definitely the first in the rating, since erectile problems are a usual thing during the aging process. However, other health disorders or everyday habits may stimulate impotence appearance, including the following:

male health and fertility

  • Psychological conditions, including anxiety, depression, stress, etc.;
  • Physical problems, especially diabetes, heart-related issues and others;
  • Obesity;
  • Drug intake, particularly antidepressants, prostate treatments, antihistamines, etc.;
  • Injuries;
  • Alcohol addiction, smoking;
  • Drug intake and others.

If you want to balance male health and fertility issues, you need to completely eliminate possible reasons of erectile dysfunction development.

Reasons of Condition Appearance

Since the process of erection appearance is complex, it presupposes numerous actions and organs, including emotions, nerves, hormones, blood vessels and muscles. Disorders of any function can lead to difficulties when gaining an erection. Definitely, most frequently you can experience erectile dysfunction from stress, even though there are many other reasons of its occurrence, including:

  • Psychological – relationship disorders, stress, anxiety, depression, mental disorders;
  • Physical – diabetes, obesity, clogged blood vessels, abnormal blood pressure, Parkinson’s disease, metabolic syndrome, multiple sclerosis and others.

Possible Treatments and Ways to Balance the Disorder

Once you have treated all the underlying complications, and erectile dysfunction did not get any better, never give up. The innovative pharmaceutical market is filled with revolutionary drugs that can improve erection blood flow and other processes that will stimulate a hard and long-lasting erection. Cialis, Viagra and Levitra are the most appreciated drugs, but their cost may be a bit higher for an average man. If you cannot afford purchasing these brand pills, you can buy one of their generic alternatives that are of the same quality, but available at a comparatively low price.